Today after swimming we did a few crafty things around the house. My new paints arrived AND my glue gun, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer on that one before we get going. One of the obvious things to do is hama bead creations, as ever.

H got two sets at Christmas to top up the bead tub – and on seeing a picture my sister sent to me of two footballers, H and I set about making Gareth Bale in retaliation. (they did a Manchester United player)

Gareth Bale, if you end up reading this, you’ll be pleased to see that it’s an uncanny likeness. You even have a football.

Hama Beads Fun Anyway, once Gareth Bale was made (by me, with H’s directions), she set about making a horse, which became a Super Gareth Bale Horse (I have no idea why) with H offering a full description.

He’d better not go and leave us now, it’s getting difficult trying to explain to H why people leave football clubs as it is.