Tomorrow we’re going on holiday. We actually don’t get there until Monday, and while that would sound (to anyone who didn’t know us) like we were going to Australia, we’re not.

We’re heading back to Devon Cliffs as we liked it so much last year – and although we went in mid-June last year the weather sounds quite similar – rainy! Although we did a day trip to Lyme Regis and Pecorama and got blazing hot sun at the latter, rain at the former.

The forecast is rain and cloud, but that’s okay. We have plenty to do, some of which will be the following :

Bristol – a walk around the woods near Ashton Court (if the weather is good)
Pizza at Beerd (recommendation from Rachel there)
Wookey Hole (I haven’t been since around 1983 or 84 so remember nothing and found Sonya’s review so I know it’ll be good for us all – and they take Love2Shop vouchers for your entry fee!)
A day in Torquay (I’ve never been, we want to go to Babbacombe Model Village as well as some other sights around there. I’m also liking the idea of the shopping centre they recommend with quirky shops in it)
Bicton Botanical Gardens (as they’re near Devon Cliffs and we didn’t go last year)
Castle Drogo (I’ve read an article or seen a tv programme about them upgrading the roof and missed out on it last year)
The Devon County Show (we’re meeting with Rachel and co)
EUROVISION! (non-negociable, fortunately we’re at Rachel’s house by then and she wants to as well)
Stonehenge (on the way home as it’s free if you’re National Trust members)
The Vyne near Basingstoke (if we’re not too late, as a last stop before the last bit of the journey home)

We’re also having one day to use the facilities at Devon Cliffs as we’ve not bothered in our last two Haven stays – so we’re going to swim, have a game of something, dine in their pub and bar areas, build sandcastles (if it isn’t raining although I’m willing even if it is) and go to a kids disco. H has a Moshi Monsters glittery t-shirt for the disco dancing which of course means she’ll be too shy and will cry because she didn’t do it once we get home, probably.

So the self-enforced no-internet time. I have a better phone and can pick up my gmail, but I purposely don’t check my Zen email on it. The Apple gadgets all do that so I figure I can get to places with free internet such as the pub and bar areas of the site. I get around 200 gmail emails a day. Gulp. This won’t be as strict as my 24 hours without as we’ll need internet for directions and opening hours information, but it’s going to be drastically reduced.

I actually can’t wait. No internet! No work emails! (although there’s nobody covering my work while I’m off but I’m not thinking about that right now) It’s going to be great. I can’t wait. I just wish we had better weather, though I’m hoping this will mean we get to do loads of stuff. Right now I’d better start packing… we’ve written a few lists and I’m purposely packing light this year. Only essentials – and waterproofs… anything else we can buy from the Spar on-site as it’s cheap. Sorted!