Last night we went to the Moshi Monsters 5th Birthday Party where I queued for a psychic reading. The lady in question has been on tv and has various celebrity clients, and it’s something I’ve had an interest in for a while now but kind of wanted to disprove as I don’t know how I believe it; a bit like, I want to believe in ghosts but until I see one I can’t believe in them? Does that make sense?

So last night I had a reading. I’m in a good place right now. A Very good place. The reading took 25 minutes and I found it really positive. H is an ‘old soul’ – I think I already knew that.

At one point the lady mentioned H’s full name – I said “hang on, I didn’t say her name, how did you know?” she told me she just knew. Talk of the spirits around me and so on, and I had to ask at the end about my dad. Again, positive and things which I’ve never talked about came up, and I’ve come away feeling much more at peace about things. Things that she can’t have known.

I also mentioned what Shaun and I are doing on our anniversary next month, and she said “oh wonderful” and pretended to know the band we were going to see – I did say “you don’t really know them!!” (as they’re not mainstream) and she admitted she didn’t – but I could tell she was just saying it… she says I’ve a good energy and I felt really comfortable around her too.

So yes, without revealing a thing, it was a pretty incredibly experience. One I’d like to do again. My tarot cards were read and again all positive. She picked up on the rubbish last year and a half we’ve had and how things have picked up massively this year too. I guess that could be general, but it is also true.

Interesting anyway… very interesting.