I’ve loved doing three days work a week since I went back, but work want me back in for four days. This makes me sad, but I knew it would come. Obviously I can’t do anything right away if nursery don’t have the space, but it’s on the horizon now (providing I don’t end up worse off for doing an extra day).

I feel even sadder and possibly a bit panicky when I think about our routine in the evenings. We eat at 6.30 which is the earliest we could eat (I usually pick up H around 5.25 from nursery every evening), and she’s in bed by 8 – but her daytime naps are doing to drop off soon… making her bedtime earlier? What do I do? What do other people do?

All the while she’s desperate to play with mummy and daddy – and there isn’t the time any more. I need to cook the evening meal, and she wants interaction with us both (Shaun isn’t usually home when I start cooking).

I guess one solution is to take an hour off my work, should I go up to four days, so I leave at 3.30, and we’ll be home by 5pm then… but then in just over a year and a half we’ll have school to contend with as well – H being an August baby means September 2014 for school – so everything will change again.

How do people do it?

I know it’s London so everything takes so much longer (like an average hours commute for most people), but it can’t just be me.