We bought a new car stereo today. Earlier this year our battery died, and rather than just get the code and start it again (the one we’ve been provided with doesn’t work), we left it. Then we got a bit fed up.

Then we had no money.

Then Shaun remembered we have a stash of Love 2 Shop vouchers, so browsed the Halfords online catalogue, found one he liked and bought it this morning. So really, we got a new car radio for free! We have digital radio (so clear!), a CD player (Shaun brought out the Annie Soundtrack?!) and a USB port to plug in our iPods (first song on H’s iPod – the Annie Soundtrack).

new car radio

The most annoying thing about the radio so far seems to be how it loves to promote what it’s capable of from time to time. Being a nervous driver at times, when lights flash I’m immediately directed to them, so found myself watching the display. We’ll work on how to get rid of that next…

Anyway, we now have music again! So much so we had the windows down in the car and Radio 2 on while driving through Banstead. Then I realised the radio was playing ‘I Just Don’t Have the Heart’ by Cliff Richard and quickly switched to 6 Music, hoping my indie cred was intact.

I also found some great eighties songs I’d put on H’s iPod in case of emergency, so got to drive around to ‘Penthouse and Pavement’ by Heaven 17, ‘Kids in America’ by Kim Wilde and ‘Pop Muzik’ by M.

I think it’s safe to say I’m loving having some noise in the car again – plus it masks all the bumps and rattles our poor old car makes….