We went out after H’s nap today to check on the bluebells at Hatchlands Park, mid-way between Leatherhead and Guildford – and to get some fresh air and a bit of a walk in the process.
First off, there were some muddy puddles that needed testing with new wellies. Daddy’s, that is.
Hatchlands Park muddy puddle
So we didn’t get lost, our lead navigator checked the route to the woods.

Hatchlands Park navigator
We found the woods! Bluebells galore! Blue! (and according to H, green bells too)

Hatchlands Park bluebells
See! Pretty bluebells.

Hatchlands Park bluebells
On heading out of the woods we went towards the new play area. Unfortunately it was a bit of a trek, and H was getting tired. Things would have been much better had we taken the horse and cart though! (you can see the tracks on the picture)

Hatchlands Park
We made it to the play area anyway, where there were lots of things to climb around on and play in (these wigwam type tent things were popular with H)

Hatchlands Park play area
Plus there were some birdseed birdhouse thingummies, with birds.

Hatchlands Park play area
After leaving the play area it was a short walk back to the main house. Someone wanted to climb over the gate…

Hatchlands Park
But oh, better was still to come. we got to the National Trust shop and went for a nosey at the books. There on the shelves were four I Spy books! I had no idea they’d relaunched!!! But they have!!! It made me too excited, so of course we had to buy H her first I Spy book, one for the garden. She’s pretty excited about it too. I LOVED my I Spy books when I was younger, so now I can continue to re-live my childhood through H. I’m pretty happy with that.
 (and have just bought I Spy on a Car Journey for H to be kept in the car at all times)