The downside of the two days off is when you end up on your own doing things together – now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world (even though it is changing soon) – but sometimes other adult conversation is a bonus.


We had things we had to do today. All of which could be done in Croydon.

So off we went, and wandering around (without buggy, we’re experts now) we got the things we needed to, done. (£10 for six passport photos at Jessops! How much?!) Soon H will have her dual citizenship and will thank us for it later in life.

As it was me and H, my mind drifts off a bit. So I got thinking about this blog. I started it not knowing just how many other parenting blogs there are out there – and also not really hunting out any. I knew I wasn’t the only one, and knew of friends on LiveJournal who do it there instead – so kind of recapped why I started this, and what I’m actually doing with it.

Then I went into my morbid thoughts where I can’t help thinking it’d be nice for H to read this when she’s old enough not to be embarrassed by it, as maybe I wont be alive to tell her it all when she wants to know (that’s assuming the Internet still exists, Google is still a business and Blogger is still somewhere, maybe I’ll just print it all out or something). So I must behave and only stick to things she’s done and make it less about me. Or maybe bits about me which will mean she knows me, without giving too much away?

Oh I don’t know.

Then it struck me that despite knowing lots of mums locally, I am still very much on my own, especially in the middle of Croydon on a Tuesday afternoon. So we popped to see a friend who works at M&S who we’ve not seen in a very long time. Years, possibly? So now we’re going to meet up soon which will be lovely.

Off we went to Beanies, another place I should have been to, but never have. (I always went to Beano’s, I often went to Stuff, but never got to Beanies until today. Mad.) The cafe was full, but there was a seat on one table so we squeezed in, and almost immediately I got talking to another lady who home schools her girl – and we spent the entire time in there chatting to random lady. She was really nice, and for the first time in London I felt like I was back up north, where people do talk to you without any kind of prompting. Now, I can’t talk for her, but maybe we were just two lonely ladies with our daughters together who craved some conversation? I don’t know, but I’m really happy we chatted. I’ll probably never see her again, but if I do then I’ve got a random mum friend who I might be able to chat to.

H sat there, good as gold colouring in at the table with lady’s girl, the two of them engrossed in their colourful world, while we talked about holidays, school, and anything else. Soon enough it was time to go, but this time I left and felt much happier.

You know what though? Going to cafes with a toddler who behaves herself like H, it’s the best thing, ever. I feel like I’m waking up from some foggy haze and regaining the ability to talk to other people again. I like it.