The Bank Holiday weekend was crazy busy. We had a visit from my sister, her husband and my nephew on Friday, and they left at 2pm yesterday – and in all that H’s friend M stayed over on Saturday night too. There were seven of us in the house, and watching the three under 5’s interact was interesting – they both wanted H (fair enough, they both know her, and don’t know each other) to play with them – thank goodness the Toca Boca Tea Party exists as all three sat having an iPad tea party and calm was restored.

Here’s the last week in photos anyway.

sundayH doesn’t quite get the Airport Express base and how I can play music from the MacBook Pro to the stereo. She was very confused.


At work we release things on cassette. I approve.

tuesdayThey wrote proper Easter cards at nursery on Tuesday


Lucy Bear is the latest addition to our collection of too many toys. She was sent from Nanna and Pop in Australia.

thursdayThursday I woke up with a dizzy head. Shaun had similar the week before. We’ve no idea what it is, some weird virus maybe. I didn’t go to work. Instead I got a large box in the post with some Nick Jr goodies inside for Easter, which I’ve since been rubbish about posting about.

FridayBut I am willing to post this. Potential chef H. This is the calm before our visitors arrived and we had a weekend of fun…

saturday-2Starting with the Easter Egg trail at Polesden Lacey. What better way to get three youngsters excited than some papier mache balloons tied in trees with a letter which led to an anagram? Mum Friendly has more detail…

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