Okay, so without waffling too much, let’s sum up our holiday. We went to the Haven Devon Cliffs holiday camp which despite my initial dread was really nice, really clean, the only noise we heard was other kids running in their chalet/caravans which sounded more like people walking heavily upstairs – and didn’t go on for very long either.

H had a big girl bed and only fell out of it twice. We had a view of the sea from our biggest window which was pretty ace every morning – and it felt really private too. It was a bit cold at night though.

Our shower was good – though H has a huge fear of it, so much that she only had one and came out screaming, traumatized. We need a Plan B for our next breaks…

Entertainment-wise, it was perfect. We don’t really do that holiday camp thing, but in the middle of the food area there was a fairly large soft play area. H saw it, threw off her shoes and ran onto it before we could point it out to her – it proved extremely popular with her, and she demanded to go on it every night. It seemed to tire her out too… They have a Papa John’s who will deliver to the chalets too which appeals to my lazy nature – yum.

Devon Cliffs Holiday Camp

Food-wise, the main bar and the cafe were both priced reasonably which is nice. Child menu’s too, and child cutlery which impressed me a lot. H ran like crazy to give a person dressed as a tiger a cuddle, so Shaun finally got to witness the possessed H I’ve seen a few times (Fudgy Bear, Wenlock).

Devon Cliffs has its own beach which only residents of the park can use. It’s a nice clean beach and wasn’t too crowded, plenty of room for everyone and good for paddling and playing in the sea.

The holiday would have been great were it not for my stupid dry cough I had which stopped me from sleeping very well. We should have stayed for longer too, as it flew by – and there’s so much to do there. This is a plus as it means we’ll probably book for next year – having found out that our Sun break at £40 plus £99 extras could be booked direct, so we’re not saving a huge amount anyway.

As for the things we did, I’ll save that for another post – probably over at Mum Friendly as there’s a lot we did which is worth sharing – and some fabulous places too.