So H and I were walking to her swimming lesson yesterday and bumped into a lady who was lost. I took her into our local pub to steal their WiFi and help her find where she needed to go. It was no trouble for me – I had the iPad on me and knew their password.

She said “thank you so much, you’ve really gone out of your way to help” – she was also the wrong side of the station for where she needed to be.

H was good, she stood and waited patiently for me to help the lady. I just hope she got to where she needed to (I think she will) and I hope H realises that helping people is a good thing too (she’s a very good natured little girl anyway, and likes to give and share things).

It made me think though, I don’t know the area massively well, I know where things are but road names.. I dunno. Which in turn made me think how much having technology around is a good thing.

That’s all.