H wasn’t settling today for her nap one bit. She’d firstly done a poo, which she let me know she had (she’s getting good at that, just not on the potty yet), and then after that was just playing in her cot. I’m trying to get her into ‘quiet-time’ mode, where even if she wont sleep, she’ll just play quietly, which generally she was doing.

We try and keep her sleep times within those that nursery do, so she’s not too out of schedule when she goes there – which seems to work.

So I pop my head around her door to find she’s thrown dolly on the floor and is sat with her pillow on her knee, cuddling Miffy. Which was fine, she was quiet. She saw me come in, kind of jumped a bit, said “H sleeping” and made her fake snoring noise, while sitting up, while still holding Miffy. With her eyes wide open.

I then had to wait a minute or so until she looked up at me, but oh, how difficult not to explode with laughter – it was too funny. I love it when she pretends to sleep…