Nursery had an open day type thing, where we talked about where H is going. The dropping of naps is something we’re going to keep H-led – she can cope most of the time as long as she’s had a good overnight sleep (lots of wakeups overnight? She needs a daytime nap…). Otherwise it was noted that things they thought she needed to learn (animals, numbers, colours, letters), she actually already knows, she just chose not to let the person who thought she should learn know she knew them.

Did I mention how Alphabetti Spaghetti is educational? We spent our lunch afterwards eating it and picking out letters for her to identify. She got them all.


I wish she’d do it for more people. It’ll come.

Saturday afternoon brought our excellent friend Jos down to South London (well, we like to think Surrey, really) who gave us her old iPad – so we’re in the modern age again, and ohh it’s good. A whole new world of computer games which are educational has opened up for H – and so far she’s enjoying it. So much so every time we’ve taken the iPad away she’s had a bit of an angry meltdown… whoops.

As well as this we now have properly signed photos of H, so her application for Australian citizenship can commence. She’ll thank us for it in later life.

Jos left in the early afternoon, H decided on no nap today, and a spur of the minute visit from Alex and Joseph meant we had a nice busy house all weekend – although one super-cranky toddler from around 7pm.

So! iPad! Where to start… well I’ve been carefully storing up free games when they’ve happened – a few of which worked on my iPod Touch, but some which are iPad only – so a whole new world of computing awaits, and it’s much more straightforward for H. I just need to add an extra code onto the iPad so she can’t go ahead and unlock it when it suits her – here’s hoping by the time she’s three she’s almost writing… heh.

Mid-way through Sunday morning H picked up her toy guitar and announced she was rocking out.

Not long after that she splashed in some puddles outside. This time there were no tumbles and scabby hands, thank goodness.