So, yesterday morning it was Dramabuds, a new term and lots of new faces, including H’s pal M – so she was happy. This also means I get to see one of my workmates joining in with the fun, though he gets to see me do it too, so it’s not like we can blackmail each other or anything.

The afternoon was over at a friends where H did painting with her friend B, both of them were without naps and acted quite similarly which was reassuring to see!

We had a successful overnight on Saturday to Sunday with H telling us she’d promise to stay in bed and not come into bed with us – so we all slept in until 7.30 (oh how the me of three years ago would laugh at that) – and she did. She’s a good girl for promises, that one.

The car boot sale brought more swag into the house – those Ikea shelves are getting full. Must. Stop. Buying. Things. (after the boot sale over the road from us next Sunday, that is)

After that it was a family afternoon, except it rained so we didn’t go far. I’m a giver for World Book Day tomorrow, so collected my 24 copies of Pride and Prejudice, spending forever trying to find my reference numbers (they’re on an email) – and then writing them into the books. H and Shaun went to the supermarket and I caught up with them – mid-way down the aisle like this.

Ingredients were bought for my birthday cake, as tomorrow I’ll be celebrating the end of 42 years on this planet and starting my 43rd. We’ve booked the day off work and are going to have a nice day dishing out books to random people, stopping for lunch at our ace local pub, and picking up H early from nursery.

On getting home after H helped daddy make it (while wearing bunny ears) we then did a spot of painting in the Peppa Pig Magic Paint book (she was impressed, me too), and painted our sticks we picked up at the car boot sale today. H has decided one of her existing sticks is a magic wand. She’ll make it to Hogwarts yet…

Because I don’t have enough time to finish everything, I started a new project last night which is my lazy one but most complete, Photos of Trees. I’ve already uploaded the majority of my tree photos to a Picasa album (85 at the moment with more to find) so I can post when I feel like it, but after seeing how many photos I take of trees I thought I’d put them together in one place. I’ve no idea why I do photos of trees, but some do look ace in black and white.

I’m not one to sell myself in any way, but I’m really liking the photos so far if only for a bit of a story going on about each picture.