We went to our local NCT coffee playgroup morning with some friends this morning – around twenty minutes beforehand as the light caught H’s hair I saw them, the critters. They were STILL there. Argh.

So I did a quick comb and squirt of tea tree in the hope it would make them disappear (silly me), and a proper hedrin comb through when I got home. The postman didn’t deliver our new comb so in a panic buy and because it made some sense to me, I got an electric comb too as that would work for those times when there’s no time to wash hair (like this morning).

How did people manage before them? Then again, were people as overloaded with things to do throughout the day as we are now? Or is it just me trying to do everything at once?

After the NCT do (which was great and I got to properly talk to a couple of mums which was nice), we headed home for lunch and to get ready for a playdate H had with one of her nursery friends at our local leisure centre in their soft play area. That went well, they played hide and seek which given their names and a certain tv programme makes me smile… then after that a quick trip to the library and more books (sigh, more…) and finally her swimming lesson.

She has a new teacher, and I think the teacher is quite tough. I think. This may be a good thing as I think her previous teacher was tough, strict but great with it – and the kids really listened and respected her. They had them putting their face in the water which made her really unhappy, so I’m having to remind her that part of this life we live in is having to do things we really don’t like doing – including things like putting your face in the water. I think – hope – she got it, otherwise I’ll list all the things I hate having to do.

I sat with some other parents this week and got chatting – it’s nice to meet new people, and it’s good I’m pushing myself to do it. We’ve had a fun and exhausting day and it’s only Wednesday. I didn’t even take a bazillion photos to document the day like I used to. Just this one. She was asleep on me at the time.