I phoned in sick to work yesterday. I’d been sick overnight, though by the end of Tuesday I was feeling much better. However, Shaun was also sick – but at work – so came home early. He’s been off today, and is slowly feeling better. He seems to be taking longer than me to recover, so I’m hoping I’m not due a bigger bout of sickness as that would be rubbish. Even worse than that would be if H gets it. So yes, the sickly house is us.

We continued as normal, our swimming lesson this morning which went well, practising putting their faces in the water and doing lots of kicking across the pool without support (other than the woggle) – and climbing in and out of the pool from the side, plus a jump without my support (and just the woggle again) – all blooming great.

We got home and had about five minutes to get ready, grabbing the Quicksmart Stroller on the way (which is a damn good stroller for using on the trains into London, I have to say), heading up to West Hampstead to meet Jos and Carla – and Carla’s gorgeous little girl Emily. Alas, it rained quite heavily so we didn’t make it to the park we wanted to, though a stop in the library and much excitedness on my part as they had some Topsy and Tim books (but we can’t really join a library over the other side of London, annoyingly).

An hour on the Thameslink or whatever they’re called these days, with H coming up with the cunning plan (I have no idea where she gets it from) of putting her hand on the seat next to her “I’m covering the seat so no-one can sit down” and entertaining the carriage with a neverending version of ‘Five Little Fingers’ (Five little fingers, five little fingers, five little fingers, clap clap clap, point to the ceiling point to the floor and lay them on your lap lap lap. Four little fingers etc etc etc) except when she got to one she just started at five again.

We got home and I’m happy – ‘The Big Milly-Molly-Mandy Storybook’ has arrived – though I think the stories are just a bit too long for H – but it’s beautiful – so I’m looking forward to reading those in the coming years.