On Friday H got a letter from Santa. Now, it’s nice, it’s a lovely thought, but for the life of me I don’t know why we got it. I never requested it.

See, the thing that got me was it was based on information I provided the website with last year. It mentions H and it mentions her cousin, it mentions where we live, and so on (as I’ve provided an address at some point).

It’s really nice, but it also knows WAY too much about us (thanks to information I’ve put in there). It’s a legitimate site so that’s not what bothers me.

A year is a long time – things can change. What if say, we’d adopted a child or something like that? This letter would then have made them feel a little bit left out if they were old enough to understand.

I wish this company had sent an email a month or so beforehand letting us know they were going to send a letter and we have a chance to opt out or amend details. I knew nothing about it.

Oh and also Santa, we’re not doing mince pies this year… sorry.

Bah humbug.