hasn’t beaten the all time record of 10 wakeups, though last night did give a run for it’s money, god.

I fought this time, and didn’t feed every time, and cuddled and rocked instead, or just sung “Twinkle Twinkle” louder and louder (1-1,000 to me, neighbours and your noisy ways, I’ll do it for the next thousand days to break even if it takes that!) until eventually she slept. Two doses of Nurofen too, as I think it’s all teething related – the dribble has gone up a gear again, and she sounds like she’s got a bit of a cold.

I feel like I’m dealing with some weird jigsaw here, I’m finding pieces and putting them together, and the picture they make is coming together. Although lots of wakeups at night makes you double check the jigsaw, check you’ve not been putting it all together upside down, or something.