So I set out to read 50 books last year, it was going fairly well and I was getting a decent amount read on my commute, but then H started school and I hit loads of days working from home or taking holiday. Add to that shorter commutes and everything went really slooooowwww.

THEN the 4AD – Facing the Other Way book came out and quite frankly, reading a book about people you work or have worked with, as well as band members you know can be quite exhausting. Brilliant, but exhausting. I couldn’t read another book after that (and it took about a month to read as it was) and had to have two weeks reading my phone every morning instead. That was a very confusing read – a bit like reading your boyfriend/husband has had a life and not everyone likes him after all. Except work isn’t my husband or boyfriend. It’s not even like what was written was unknown, but it was still weird. Some people at work don’t want to read it just yet as it’s a bit too close to home.

So I turned back to chick lit for a book or two to bring a little fluff back into my life.

Then Morrissey released his book, although our borrowed copy was pilfered by Shaun before I’d had a chance to start it (he ALWAYS does this – I have many books I have not yet read due to him starting them first) so I really do need to read that and soon. Tracy Thorn has put a book out recently too, and Bob Stanley’s History of Pop sounds pretty fantastic too. Good job I have Amazon vouchers which need using…

So I’ve set myself an achievable target this year, I have to write about one book a month. I’m not joining in any linkys and this is all for me, nobody else.

I’ve already finished one book so already things are looking up – although I’m back on the phone on the train for now.

Anyway, onwards.