This was a quick and easy read which is a good thing as I’m hitting that tired out mind time, where I can’t concentrate too well and I live for the weekends (to then go out and make myself even more tired it would seem). I started reading this and I’d say I’ve finished in around four days – three of those were my commute to and from work, and the end was yesterday morning when I was too tired to function and needed to lie down and read.

So – my thoughts. I found it enjoyable. It’s another book which borders on what is known as chick-lit, a genre I’ve never really bothered with in the past. Much like ‘You Had Me At Hello’ I was hooked and wanted to get to the end, possibly rushing my reading. There were many names of people and I didn’t get too confused (as I’m prone to), and followed the story fine.

In a nutshell, Kate who is in her twenties goes off to a remote Scottish island to help out on an estate there, and likes it so much she stays (unlike the previous person who held the job who lasted a couple of months). This may also have something to do with the Laird (I hope I used the right word there) of the land, who she falls for. There’s lots of her discovering life, getting away from the things that we all do lots of (city life vs rescuing seals) and I found it really well written.

The rest? Well you’ll have to buy it and give it a read.

I enjoyed it, and am finding that actually maybe I do like a bit of this chick-lit thing – or rather, girly fluff as Rachael herself calls it. I’ll go with girly fluff. BUY IT!