This one took me a while. I probably got about a third through and said to Sonya “ha, and there’s me thinking this book was about a boy stranded at sea with a tiger!” which then the rest of the book ended up being – that’ll teach me. Sonya probably thought I was being sarcastic, or thinks I’m a loon anyway.

I enjoyed it! This must be said. I like Pi’s outlook on life, he’s one of those glass half full types – finding an explanation for almost everything. Even the sad stuff didn’t seem that sad when it happened – and as you find out fairly early on in the book that he’s older and is recounting his past, you know he makes it – it’s just how.

I picked this up as it was a 20p Kindle book and figured I should give it a go, and now I’m looking forward to the film – we’ve got Virgin Media Films on Demand so when it’s released next month I suspect we’ll be watching – especially now Shaun has started reading it on his Kindle.

I liked how the book is written – I found Pi funny. I wasn’t so keen on the gorey side of it which felt quite graphic, mind. I’m also very intrigued how the film will work.

I’m already on Book #7 – it’s Sealed with a Kiss by Rachael Lucas which I picked up cheaply as it has only just been released and I’m quite enjoying it. A review to come when it’s done….