I’m not sure why I chose this book, possibly as it had decent reviews and was free. I’m a sucker for a free book.

As it was, it was quite enjoyable actually, absolutely not the kind of book I’d choose, but readable without being annoying. It reminded me of the kinds of books my dad liked, though he was much more a Lord of the Rings fan than anything else.

Anyway, the story is about Conor who makes his way to Tír na nÓg with his father, and finds out a huge amount about his past that he never thought was possible. While Conor isn’t particularly someone I cared about either way, the book was a good read and one I was able to keep up with the characters (of which there’s many).

Would I recommend you buy it? If you like this kind of fantasy book, definitely. There’s other books in the series which I may investigate further if they come down in price – though already Shadowmagic is up to 99p!

I’m probably not selling this very well. I liked it, I’d buy it at 99p and take a risk. The writer has a good way of describing the scenery and landscapes which I liked. Give it a go!