The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey followed a January theme – cold weather, snow, feeling remote, something engrossing to read on my commute as well.

The story follows Jack and Mabel in Alaska in the 1920s. They’ve always longed for a child and had the one many years previously though the child didn’t survive, so one night build a snow child – and a little girl enters their lives.

Now, I’m one of those people who feels quite conscious reading on my Kindle (especially when I’m reading and someone sitting next to me will ask me questions about the book I’m reading – that’s quite off-putting), but this was a book I switched off from everything around me – and like the previous book it was easy to read. It has short chapters which are great for a Kindle Commute, and the writing had a sense of calm around it which appealed.

I guess it could be said the book is predictable how it will end, but even when you know that, it’s written so well that I didn’t mind guessing how it was to be. I enjoyed it anyway.