Hm, 12th January and one book read, maybe it is possible… so my first book is… The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson. It’s 20p for Kindle right now so if you’ve ever thought about buying it, BUY IT NOW! (please)

So, Allan Karlsson is a hundred years old and about to have his birthday party to celebrate it – but he has other ideas. So he climbs out of the window of the home he resides in and starts on a crazy adventure.

(Sidenote – way back in time I watched films and read books like Pulp Fiction where there are loads of stories going on at the same time which eventually all work together then meander off in their intended direction – this book follows that kind of pattern, so if you like that kind of writing, then you’ll probably love this. If you like politics this may amuse you too – it’s a good Jo & Shaun crossover book)

Without wanting to give away a thing, I found the pace of this book slow in a good way, funny in a dark way and sad that it was over. Allan Karlsson is a man with nine lives who has done a lot. Well, he is a hundred you know.

Seriously, it’s 20p. Do not waste a moment more, buy this book if you have a Kindle or something to read a Kindle book on. It has enough twists it isn’t silly, (or at least, it’s silly in an Allan Karlsson way), and it cheered me right up. A very enjoyable read, and I’m hoping I can choose another book which will be as good.

Which leads me to Book #2. I have in my grubby hands a hardback copy of the Peter Hook book about Joy Division, ‘Unknown Pleasures – Inside Joy Division’. I like his book about The Haçienda, so I’m looking forward to this one.