A new year and things are back to normal again. Clubs have started, school and work have had their first full complete week back and things feel like they’re settling back into a routine.

H has decided that she wants to be a weather reporter this year. This is kind of interesting, as she tells me her favourite subjects are maths and science, and she isn’t as keen on literacy as it hurts her hand to write so much. It’s funny to think that in ten years she’ll have a better idea of the career path she wants to take.

Then again, I never really knew. Destined for office work which would keep me going until I found something I wanted to do, now I know that office work is what I can do – I’m good at proof reading and spotting mistakes. Apart from my own, that is.

But then I’ve never followed that line of work and bits of it have found their way to me in my day job. Which keeps me going.

It’s funny though. Doing H’s homework with her, she’s being taught each word and its label, adjectives, adverbs, god knows what things which feel like someone invented them last week – and I don’t have a clue what they are. She does though. She’s smart and she retains information. I’m old and my memory is almost at capacity, with only room for things I’m enthusiastic about. (or things which are really important)

She’s part of the new generation of children who will be smart, and I’ll be the older generation that was left behind. It’s already bad enough having someone recommend I get Electric Jukebox as it might be “simpler for you to use”. SIGH.

She has so many interests and so much enthusiasm for things, and I’m trying to keep up. Why is everything she’s learning so much more interesting than when I was learning them? I had a history-mad dad and yet I didn’t take any of it in. These days she wants us to go to Leeds Castle so that she can show us the things she saw when she went on a school trip.

Right now we’re all in a good place. 2017 is going to be an interesting year. Maybe we’ll buy a house this year… they’re about to start the overpopulation of Hackbridge, just up the road… the houses are being built.