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Hey! It’s a New Year!

Things that have happened this year so far :

H has been to holiday club. She was with four other children she knew from her nursery plus another girl she knows from swimming lessons so settled right in straight away. This is a huge relief for me as you never know what they’ll think of it, and she’s going to be spending a lot of time in there when it’s school holidays. Fortunately, if you book up-front it’s less than ¬£20 a day.

Someone at work today mentioned that NEXT YEAR is when Back to the Future 2 happens. I am now anxiously awaiting the hoverboard deliveries at Argos, as they’ll make racing for the train every morning so much easier. I think Google and Nintendo have almost everything else covered.

I have bought H a new cycling helmet. Her old one really didn’t fit her at all and we’ve been winging it a bit, but I’d had enough. We may have been driving her bicycle around in the boot for the last four months without it being used, but now we can use it. She has an Adult Medium one. Scary. Big. Fits. Have you measured your child’s head lately? I was surprised.

The cold at lunchtime made me almost collapse. Time to wear a hat for work I think – I feel the cold in my head and it starts an ocular migraine – and I know the feeling well. That’s what I had when I almost fainted at half time at my first York City game back in the 80’s. (I was taken to the players lounge and plonked in front of a fire to warm up and wait for my mum and dad to collect me)

I only realised last night that Sherlock is a tv programme. I thought it was a film. I am clueless. I’d like to say I don’t watch a lot of tv, but I do. Just not Sherlock, hence I didn’t realise.

H and I are addicted to The Great British Bake Off. This was mainly as she thinks the chap who was the ‘last man standing’ looks like Shaun, so he became ‘daddy’. She was sad when he didn’t make it today. She thinks she’s all grown up watching programmes like that and I find it refreshing. She also now knows who Mel & Sue are. Result!

H is making an effort this year and has already eaten tomato and green pepper, and it was her decision to do so.

Price increases. H’s childminder costs have gone up by 5%. ¬†Travelcards have gone up in price. Rent has not yet gone up but is a dead cert around July time when it is likely to be over ¬£1000 a month. It is around now I like to remind myself how much I hate living in London as it’s so expensive.

York City and Tottenham both have a 100% unbeaten record in 2014. It has also been the coldest day of the year today. It was the warmest yesterday. I have a 100% attendance record at work too.

See, it’s already a good one.