I’m glad I remembered this morning and passed the card with the advent calendar to H for her to open today’s window. Behind it was a picture of a star, and she was so proud to see it, and oh am I glad there’s such little fuss right now… other than her asking to “open more windows please”… phew. Minimal effort, maximum happy. I celebrated this by ordering Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas DVD from Amazon and blagging some Cbeebies cd’s from my friend.

My mouth has so many ulcers in it right now (they’ve progressed to the back of my throat) that attempting to enjoy my own lovely Lindt Chocolate one would be a waste, sadly. So instead I’m propped up in bed, my working year is over, and I can now have some rest. Oh god, do I want it.

There was an odd moment at nursery tonight. I witnessed another child (a boy) hit my girl. H stood up to him, though told me afterwards in the car that she was “a bit upset with him” “as he hit me” – and she has a mark on her face. I know it comes with the territory, and he was reprimanded (and he said sorry), but the way he was reprimanded didn’t sit right with me. I’m not sure whether I should complain, well, I’m kind of sure I should, I just wish I hadn’t seen it, indeed, that it hadn’t happened. I wish there were things I could erase from my mind that I see – especially when a carer is involved.

Actually, I guess a lot of this is going to be how I deal with things as life progresses? I know with me, whenever I had trouble at school my parents sat back and let things take their course (not always the best way, I was bullied quite a lot), whereas when my sister had problems, they got involved. Not that I’m criticising them, it’s what you learn, isn’t it?

In other news, cancer can sod off too. My mum’s cousin died earlier today, I’ve just found out.