on Wednesday we had our first (whispers) successful afternoon of no nappy. We went to the park, she played on all her usual toys, and (I think) was quite proud of her lovely purple ‘big girl pants’ (thankyou Target in Perth, Australia for having some cool first pants colours that weren’t pink and fluffy nonsense ones). I was immensely proud of the fact she wanted to sit on the potty and do as she needed to with no hassle at all.

I’m not going to tempt fate by saying things like “oh this could be easy” because if I do, it wont be, but crikey, I am keeping every single thing crossed right now that things progress in this way…

but I wont tempt fate

(keeps everything crossed so tightly)

We’re leaving her with her pull-ups at nursery for now, though I’m thinking about getting some Training Pants for her days there, as the new Bum Genius ones may be appropriate, they’ve three liners, so you replace the liner each time, rather than the outer. I have no experience in this kind of thing though. Help!