was : our first one with no travel involved, no planes to Australia or drives up to York. We stayed at home and we did it all ourselves. We saw nobody else and made no plans. We barely watched tv, and just spent quality time together as a family. It was lovely.

wasn’t : a time to be on the web, but I still managed bits here and there, in case two glasses of wine robbed me of my memory. I’m doing less time online right now as Shaun has no study so we’re having quality time, the three of us together.

reminded me of : people gone. I often think of my dad at Christmas, it’s been five years since he died. I miss him and I miss the fact H will never get to know him. She’ll see photos and videos and that’s all she’ll have to go on, she knows she has a Grandad Mike, she’ll never get to meet him.

brought me : presents-wise I wanted nothing. If I absolutely had to get something, then it had to either be money (so I can buy something when I find something I want!) or chocolate (as that goes quickly). It also brought me some much-needed family time, something we’ve not had as much of with Shaun studying.

brought them : phone calls to family, on speakerphone with them so H could join in, wishing I could be there, but knowing down here was much, much better. Hampers delivered (and left in bins… I mean, really?) and presents bought, presents posted and not yet delivered… as organised as ever, those last posting days crept up.

ended up being : Shaun on his Kindle reading his David Thorne book (the next best option, though you can’t wrap an eBook), me reading my physical Caitlin Moran one, while listening to the awfulness of AbFab, knowing H was asleep and we were having our quality time together too.

brought in terms of sleep : I kept waking up excited. I woke H up. I wanted her to be as excited as I was. Come naptime and I curled up in bed to get some rest, and within two minutes of being settled H was in our room and climbing onto our bed to snuggle up with me. It was Christmas Day, so I let her. Just this once. She fell asleep straight away.

lacked : a sense of routine, which actually made things nicer. We did it our way. I wouldn’t change a thing.