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So H and I went to Sainsburys this morning to get a few little bits in, plus more Hedrin, as although she’s clear, she’s in a room with 30 other kids (20 at any one time), so is almost certain to get reinfested again. (I was a Brownie and a Guide, ‘Be Prepared’ is something I’ve always been)

Lady in Sainsburys was extremely helpful, and then passed on this nugget of good information – apparently head lice don’t like T-Gel shampoo. Guess what me and Shaun use? Yep… bingo! We’ve managed to avoid catching it from H, despite our heads being close together at times, and I’ve wondered why… despite feeling itchy when talking about it (both me and nice lady were scratching our heads while talking), I’ve been clear every time.

So yes, T-Gel, it’s the way forward. Never let it be said I don’t share top tips. I don’t think she worked for Neutrogena…

This afternoon we’re going to London Wetlands Centre. H is napping, and I wish I could, but there’s washing to put out now… sigh..