I love how H is so literal with songs. She’s picking up the words, and will pick up a section of the song and repeat that part again and again… for example, ‘Three Little Men In A Flying Saucer’ – she’ll repeat “looked left and right but they didn’t like the sight so” – and nothing else. It’s kind of cute. (she’ll also say “Mummy, didn’t like the sightso” like it’s a very important statement).

Another is a Dramabuds song – where they sing about everyone making a circle – in H’s happy world it’s “come on everyone let’s make a circul-uh” (whereas the song is “Let’s make a circle, let’s make a circle,” etc etc etc).

Mind, I’m a fine one to talk. Only this morning I realised that the Pixies ‘Gigantic’ bit before the chorus is ‘Hey Paul, Hey Paul, Hey Paul let’s have a ball’. I have no idea what I actually sung (maybe I went a bit Dead Can Dance/Cocteau Twins and made my own lyrics up which weren’t actually words, I have been known to), but I’m quite pleased I am now aware of this. D’oh.

One thing I have to be really really careful of not doing with all this is correcting her too much. I remember back when I was six or seven and I wrote up the lyrics to ‘Climb Ev’ry Mountain’ from The Sound of Music, and drew some pictures alongside it. The following morning I went back to it to continue to draw and my mum had CORRECTED MY MISTAKES. I think I threw it away, feeling a bit cross my picture was spoilt. It didn’t matter that it was wrong, it was something I’d wanted to do on my own and my mum had seen it, and changed it – I didn’t like that feeling one bit. So now I’m over-conscious of doing anything which might ‘spoil’ how H sees something, and try to make sure I put it right in a much nicer way. I think I’m doing okay…