Had I not done my two loads of washing last night and put them on the heated airer, then today would have been the perfect day for fresh smelling clothes. Thanks BBC, telling me it’d be sunny until 10am.

We all woke up at the never-before-for-all-of-us hour of 8am. Many years ago I’d have laughed at this, today it was amazing – except I felt drained. I stayed in bed a little longer and got up to have breakfast before admitting defeat and spending some more time in bed, which seemed to help. I’ve no idea what that was all about.

Anyway, post-naptime we sat outside where H read some books

 Looked a bit cheeky, but was also quite proud showing off her sparkly Dora sticker for not having a wee accident at naptime (she’s had a couple at nursery)

Slid down the slide on her front

Then her friend Magda came over and we had some homemade pizza and homemade cookies, did lots of dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba (dubbed and original), mainly getting both dads to do the dancing while us mums chatted.

That’s my kind of Good Friday.