There we were, starting to watch the Yo Gabba Gabba DVD’s this morning (yes! proper accents! It’s all already so much better!) when Shaun called over in his kind of “I don’t like this” sort of tone “oh Jo-oohh….” he’d spotted an insect in H’s hair….

Being the kind of organised mum I am, I then spent the next hour trying to remember where I’d put the nit comb I’d bought, as I remembered getting it and thinking I must put it in a Very Safe Place so as not to forget where it is when the time came. Obviously this isn’t with medicines or in the bathroom with shampoos, no, it’s on the shelf next to her bibs and my cookery books, obviously.

Anyway, thankfully it was Peppa Pig and Humf hour on Nick Jr, so we sat H down distracted her and smothered her beautiful long curly locks in conditioner, got the comb out and indeed, there were eggs and lice in there. Yeuck.

Of course, this then led to both of us scratching our heads every time we talked about it. I’m scratching while I’m typing about it! If I’ve got it, this may well be the first time I’ve ever had it, even. I remember my sister getting it and we all got treated but that was precautionary.

Shaun headed out to the chemist and picked up some Hedrin spray which you leave in for 8 hours – with no pesticides it sounds good, as apparently they’re becoming less effective (and actually I don’t like the idea of spraying them in my hair, let alone H’s!), and now I’m on the lookout for a decent Tea Tree Shampoo (as an additional preventive measure for us all). It doesn’t help I have a bit of an itchy scalp anyway…. grrrrr. I’ll report back with results in a week or two… I like the idea of a spray that’s left to be washed out 8 hours later, than trying to convince H she needs her hair washing (she hates it).

So there’s going to be lots of combing this next couple of weeks… sighh…

If anyone has good advice (other than the combing one) please let us know! (scratch, scratch…)

Edited to add – H sat like a good girl, watching the end of Dora’s Ballet Adventure (and we all sung the songs when she got bored), while we combed the stuff into her hair – she was SO good – so I’m hoping that Hedrin works well, as so far, so good…

Further edit – last night H chose ‘Topsy and Tim Have Itchy Heads“>Topsy and Tim Have Itchy Heads’ as her nighttime read. She’s too clever, that girl… too clever by far.