So, NaBloPoMo comes to an end (THANK GOD! It was hard work, I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I’m suited to daily blogging) and possibly this last post is a bit of a cheat (I’m sorry). I’ve been working on it for a few days, coming back to it, trying to sound funny, and failing miserably. When this posts I’ll actually be asleep, having scheduled it for 5am on Wednesday. I’m just going to go with it, I think. Those who know, know.

We’re living in tough times right now; people are often working more than one job to survive, pay the rent/mortgage and bills, and the rest. This next character is an inspiration to us all, in these troubling times… I’m sure we all admire her from afar and wish we had her drive when it came to working.

There’s also some confusion with her sister (as quite frankly, I thought with all the kids, and all the jobs she does, there’s absolutely no reason for her to sleep, but I since realised it’s her sister who has the kids) – ladies and gentlemen, I bring you an appreciation of….

Miss Rabbit.

Miss Rabbit, at the last count, must be holding down about twenty jobs – minimum. Library assistant, school bus driver, supermarket cashier, Museum receptionist and cafe person, she sells ice cream on hot days, pilots a hot air balloon, hires out ice skates, is in charge at the fire station and works in a shoe shop. That’s barely scratching the surface (and doesn’t cover her voluntary work, either). 
Then there’s the time Peppa and her family went on holiday in a Camper Van, and Miss Rabbit was in charge of the gate at Duck World, and lest we forget, selling ice creams in the rain when the Pigs went chasing rainbows that time. Oh, and she also worked on some of the stalls at the School Fete too. Pretty much every episode of Peppa Pig, Miss Rabbit is there with a new job – actually, maybe I’m onto something there… maybe she just can’t hold down a job? (apart from the ep ‘Miss Rabbit’s Day Off’ of course when her sister Mummy Rabbit took over)
Miss Rabbit, I raise my hat to you. The next time I moan about having too much work I’ll think of you and your fifty bazillion jobs. How do you do it, I wonder? Sighh…