Yesterday The Bug started, straight after midnight. I was up in the night until around 3.30 and felt lousy all day. Shaun had to take the day off work as I felt so rotten – no study, just childcare.

Me? I slept on and off for most of the day. I never ever do that. I’m a nighttime sleeper and that’s about it – it was like two and a half years of missed sleep in one day (not really, but it was a lot).

H became a doctor in the afternoon and checked me out, getting out her stethascope and listening to my head, I needed some medicine, so she gave me it, and took my temperature. It was two-ty high, apparently. To finish off she placed a plaster on my little finger which I had to keep on for ten minutes. She’s very strict is Doctor H. Thank goodness for ELC Doctor kits.

She had a lovely day too – swimming lesson with daddy (he hasn’t taken her since I had my back troubles), and lots of play outside, painting, sliding, racing – and a nice relaxing nap with mummy on the settee “I don’t want to nap today” “would you like to cuddle with mummy on the settee instead?” cue H falling asleep within two minutes.

Now my computer is dazzling me (I believe this is an ocular migrane starting), so I’m going back to bed.