Oh thank you the last two weeks for granting us all some sleep. Illness and clocks back brought sleep for H, and in turn relaxing nights for us.

Then it was my turn to get the lurgy and I missed a few nights proper rest.

Last night we were back to square one. I did end up counting how long it took her to get out of bed after I’d put her back – the longest times were seven seconds. The shortest? Five. The whole process of getting out of bed to being put back? Thirty.

This. Went. On. For. An. Hour. And. A. Half.

Towards the end she just laid in bed demanding things, wide awake. Eventually I had to get Shaun away from his study to help as I was losing patience. After a break I went back telling H to wake up and get dressed, it’s time for nursery! It’s the morning!

Which seemed to work. She fell asleep.


bonus point to anyone who can spot the reference to one of my favourite bands in the title to this post… no googling.