H has taken to screaming now. Random screams. She’ll then look to us for some kind of approval (and we’re bad, we encouraged it when singing the crocodile verse of ‘Row Row’) a big happy smile, she’s made the noise we’re always trying to get her to make.

Tonight I decided maybe the best way to deal with it was to scream back – so I did, and no, it didn’t work. She just did a bigger smile and giggled – mummy and H have a new game! Screaming!


One to work on, I think.

She now counts up to sixteen, but it’s not quite there – it’s “eleven, fourteen, thirteen, twelve, SIXTEEN!” – given that it took a couple of weeks before “nine” was acknowledged, this time next month she’ll be up to twenty… oh, apart from number sixty four – but this is due to the programme ’64 Zoo Lane’ which she now sings the theme to…