I wrote a long post which is sitting in drafts, but this doesn’t need a long post. St. Helier will lose it’s A&E and Maternity Unit if things progress the way they look like they might.

St. Helier is my local hospital. H was born in the maternity unit, the newly refurbished and opened one back in 2009. Which they’re now intending to close.

I ended up in A&E when my health problems kicked off last year – only for a short while though. If those two departments were to close, my nearest options are Croydon, Tooting or Epsom. There’s a lot of people who live in this area.. we’re talking anything up to an hour to get to one of the hospitals for emergency treatment (or even just giving birth).

Tom Brake our local MP has set up a petition.

Something has to work. Given the population boom around here, to lose those vital services where there’s so many people who would need them is crazy. Sutton Hospital has no A&E or Maternity Unit – otherwise I could understand the decision (but still not agree).

So yes, I’m a little angry about it.

Our local Sutton MP who is also the Minister For Health speaks. Excuse me while I choke. Surely there’s something he could do? He was even born in the hospital.

Madness. Expect more about this as things continue.

Save St Helier