We sent H to nursery. She was fine this morning, so well, happy, excited to play with her friends. By 10am I’d had a call, she wasn’t being herself – and by 11am I was on the train home to come and pick her up. By 12.15 she was napping in her bed, looking thoroughly miserable and full of cold. Poor thing.

The one thing which baffled me was when I got her home she had a nappy on. Considering I think she’s pretty good with the toilet training (she asked me twice when we got back home, and both were in time), it feels a bit of a backward step – especially as they then put her pants over the top of the pull up. Add to this I’d supplied some Dry Like Me pads (I bought a whole box, and there’s no way they’ve gone through them all) so if there was any likelihood of an accident then the pads would help, so she really doesn’t need a nappy.

So confusing. I think I’ll be asking for the nappies back next week, as we still use them at night.

Tomorrow I’m going to an event from the British Chiropractic Association, something that could be really beneficial, plus I’ve plenty of questions to ask given everything that’s happened in the last six months (and I’d wanted to do a feature about back troubles on Mum Friendly for a long time based on my experiences). I’m going on my own.. gulp. But I shall be brave and talk to people and try not to sound too weird. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done anything like this…