H had her first 2011 meeting with Santa today. She waved at him, shouted “HELLO SANTA” and was exceedingly confident and forward with him. When her name was called to come and get her present she was too excited to wait (she’d previously said she wanted to sit with me), and pretty much ran and sat down next to him, then looked a bit “where’s mummy?” about it all.

She let Santa know she wanted “a doctor” for Christmas, and that was it really, it was lovely, and a get together of some friends, all kindly hosted by Claire. Claire’s dad was Santa, and he was great!

All the kids had their santa moment, and right at the end as he was leaving the room I said to H she should say bye to him, so she yelled “BYE SANTA!” and went over to give him a hug. Aaaaaawww.