I’ve been accepted as a giver for World Book Night! I’m pleased about that – and I got my first choice, Pride and Prejudice too – 25 books to give out to random people. Actually, what I’m liking the most (and what I used as my reason for doing it) is that WBN falls on my birthday, I’ve got more than enough of anything that I want or need right now, so I like the idea of giving back to anyone and everyone.

The other thing I’ve got to start thinking about is Race For Life. I signed up with a pass last year to get into any race, but it looks like I may be doing it on my own – which is fine… but I’d better get cracking. Last year we had a team of four and raised well over £1000… this year I might take a leaf out of Mummy vs Work‘s book and drag H along with me – would a 5k course be too much for an almost-3-year old if I decide not to try and fast-walk it in under an hour and have plenty of water? Epsom is really hilly, I’m wondering whether we should try another London one.

Completely by accident last night I discovered a video of Cornelius doing ‘123456’ (aka ‘Count 5 to 6’ from the Fantasma album) on Yo Gabba Gabba. This pleases me – I like Cornelius, and could have sworn I sold this album into shops back when it came out (but according to Wikipedia it’s 1997, and I’d be in London by then, so maybe not?). Anyway, I played it to H who declared she didn’t like it as “they shout”. Hmmm.