Alex, one of my NCT mums got some of the excellent Bumpsters to review (which I was jealous of – they look so good!), so when Bumpsters announced they’d got a new product, the Snugabub fitted sheet (from Australia), and they wanted reviewers, I jumped at the chance!

Basically it’s a fitted sheet which is lovely and cool – especially in this weather (and having experienced a few Australian summers, we knew it’d be good!) – with special longer fitted edges which tuck in neatly under your little one’s cotbed mattress. It’s nice and easy to fit, and is very straightforward to get a sleeping (and dozing) toddler under!

Snugabub has four key aims:
1. To ensure that baby stays in the safe sleeping position – on their backs at the foot of the cot
2. To ensure that bedding stays securely in place to minimise the risk of entanglement
3. To ensure bedding is the correct size for babies with no excess material.
4. To allow babies to sleep sounder for longer, feeling ‘snug’ and secure.

We’ve had a few unsettled nights sleep with H, I think probably because of the heat, so we gave the sheet a try, knowing we had nothing to lose.

H slept SO well – given her room can be really really warm, and she’s quite a restless sleeper; often rolling around most of her cot; we found this kept her in the same area, and most importantly of all, with the sheet staying intact!

The Snugabub is available in three sizes – X-small 0-6 months, Small 6-12 months and Medium 12-24 months and at present only available in white. Bumpsters & Snugabub are going to be bringing some cellular blankets out to accompany these top sheets quite soon too.

To summarise, these are excellent, and I wish we’d had one a year ago!