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Oh dear. We got as far as the two Cbeebies presenters starting to introduce episode two, with a cardboard cutout of Scary Unicycle Lady next to them. H’s eyes filled with tears, “Mummy. I don’t like it” she tearfully told me and buried her head in my shoulder… she’s terrified of the woman!

Alas, we didn’t make it further than one minute into episode two. I think we may have to wait a while.. maybe it’s just not for two year olds.

Going on yesterday, Justin made her laugh, the robot made her laugh and she got very excited about Little Monster – but the scary lady? Terrified…

This all wouldn’t be quite so weird had she not spent most of yesterday evening talking about Justin’s House, the cake, and oh dear how he fell onto it and spoilt it. We had to tell her it was okay, Justin had gone for a bath and was now clean and going to bed before she’d keep quiet… the programme has made quite an impression…!!

She does like the songs though (well, the theme and episode one – especially the wibbly wobbly song), and had a dance around, so it’s not all bad…