Nursery can take H for an extra day from the start of April. This makes me sad – we lose our day of fun, and while she’ll still have a day of fun there, I’ll be at work where it’s not as much fun as doing things with a toddler.

We have to look at our finances, as it’s going to be a huge hike in monthly fees nursery-wise – almost £200. It’s going to mean we now potentially lose money by me going to work (though driving should become an option again by June, once the roadworks which make my journey take an hour and a half are over).

So I’m sat here at home having a little cry, as our fun days are now just one day, plus weekends.

I guess worst case scenario, if we really can’t afford it I’ll have to go back to three days again or leave work and be a stay at home mum instead.  (or try to find another job locally)

Wine time, I think.