After being shown at nursery the kind of potty they use (which H goes on every time and has no issues with, unlike at home), I decided that as it was Child Benefit Day it was time to splash out and get a new one. Potty training has stalled, and I’d read about the Pourty which looks fantastic, but it’s just that bit too expensive to risk – and it’s not like you can take a used potty back to the shop!

So we went for a walk to our local Mothercare and checked out the potty section. There wasn’t a huge amount on display, and they didn’t have any which were like the ones at nursery, but one caught H’s eye immediately. She’d already decided she wanted a blue one, and when she saw Mickey Mouse she wanted to “Hold it” and then sit on it (with nappy on!), and she just looked really into it.

We get home, I take off her nappy and leave her wandering around the room, she’s always shy about sitting on the potty with me, so I went into the kitchen to cook our lunch, and next thing I know she’s announcing she’s sitting on the potty, she does a wee, stands up and says “FINISHED!” and runs away hiding her face in the settee. Me being the proud mum I give her a big cuddle and tell her how good she is, and make a mental note to make a new sticker reward chart which will be just out of reach (argh, another Ikea trip for a step stool?). I’m so very very proud, anyway.

I now have a cunning plan to remove the sticker from her old potty and replace it with one of Mr Tumble. I’m sure she’ll grow to love it again…