Over at Britmums, a competition is running which is encouraging you to make Christmas decorations, keepsakes or gifts using your own photos and a Kodak printer.

To qualify, you have to show your favourite craft or photo. Here’s mine, and to be honest, while it’s not festive, it fits the “ho ho ho!” of it all, and has been our Christmas theme this year – it’s been on cards and calendars and had I gone completely crazy at Vistaprint, probably much much more. (I didn’t, this is why we are still able to eat)

I’d use this photo as my angel on the tree, my bauble shining brightly – it’s a moment of H from a month ago when she just wanted to sing ‘Sleeping Rabbits/Bunnies’ and jump out of a box, and we love it (so much so I’ve put up two, the first one is the one we’ve used). Yes, it in no way looks festive, but it’s recent (late November) and it makes us smile.

I'm Taking Part in the Kodak Christmas Photo Craft Challenge
p.s. I did use an apostrophe on the linky. It didn’t like it. Honest.