I’d like to think my style of parenting is so laid back that I don’t worry unless she’s out of sight and I don’t know where she is (rather than say, in bed or at nursery or with someone we know, right?) and that we’ve not done anything exceptional to make her be the way she is – she is just how she is, right?

Shaun tonight was reading with her, and asked out loud how was it she knows so much? I know they’re a sponge for information right now, but he feels like she knows too much – but then who are we to know what’s too much anyway?

I’m proud she can read as much as she does and holds her attention while being read to (and will also point out mistakes when you read them, as is often the case with me late in the day when I drift off), and hope this keeps up.

I love my little girl so much some days I could happily just sit with her on my knee cuddling her all day and be happy. Cuddle your little one too, they’ll grow up before you know it.

In other news, and really what made me write the sentence above, a body has been found in York of my old schoolfriend’s son. It’s really sad. I removed my original post about this on here, as it’s been getting decent search engine hits, and it doesn’t need the attention it was getting – let the news deal with that, let the family and friends grieve. RIP.