My husband has had enough of me buying things. I can’t blame him; we have a lot. My addiction to buying things is one I have no control over, it would seem.

After reading a review over at Jennifer’s Little World of the Rolobox (which has to be the coolest thing EVER), I’m not allowed to buy them! (yet….) I can’t help thinking H’s cardboard box car would benefit hugely from it.

So instead I started to look at books to improve my knitting knowledge. I have a random piece of knitting I did where I did different things with the wool to see what happened, and got some interesting results. So I had a look at Knitting For Dummies (and have now been recommended Stitch N Bitch which I’ll be perusing this afternoon and hoping is on the Kindle)… obviously it’s something I’ve lived without all this time, but now I want, need….

On the plus side, now is the best time to buy everything with the January sales and discounts aplenty, so actually I should be being encouraged to get things now, so we have more money at the end of the year…

I think it makes perfect sense. I’d happily do without a Christmas present if it meant I could get twice as much Hotel Chocolat chocolate for the same price… (reduced by 50%… sighhh)