Sometimes I think that H will never know enough about Shaun and I, and we might die and she’ll never know. Slightly morbid, probably… but still, the sentiment remains the same.

So in less than 100 words, here’s how mummy and daddy met. (this will be interesting, if only to see if I can do it in less than 100)

Throwing Muses reformed and played a gig in San Francisco and we like them. I told Shaun he could hang out with us brits who were flying over, so he came over on his own from Australia. We all hung out together and had a good laugh.

We got drunk one night and that was it, we were together. Shaun went back to Australia and I went back to London. Three months later Shaun came to London on a two year working holiday visa. Two years later we were married. Six years later you were born.

The end.