H had the mother of all meltdowns tonight, a proper out of control one, she was stammering so much she was so angry, and screaming so loudly Shaun thought it was next door (until he opened the door and realised it was coming from our house). At one point she tried to escape from me by running upstairs (she’ll learn). In the end I had to get her attention by removing toys (with a warning beforehand), which really set her off.

Oh lordy. I’m still a bit nervy from it.. but I think I did okay, stayed calm, and tried to let her calm down enough to tell her that yes, she was still going to sit on the time out mat even if she wanted to say sorry – and that she needed to calm down.

Approximately 25 minutes later and she finally got up from the mat and buried her sobbing face in me, calming down. An hour or so after that and food has been eaten and toys returned as she was such a good girl over tea.

One large glass of wine is needed once the toddler monster goes to sleep. Let’s hope this was a one-off… I’m exhausted.