Hey, I Went To BritMums Live!

So, what’s to say about going to my first BritMums Live? I enjoyed it – and yes, as everyone has said and will probably say, it’s very different to Cybher.

The bloggers I didn’t know I wasn’t actually sure if they were bloggers or working for a brand which confused me – and there were so many people and brands to see. Next year some kind of colour-coded badge would be really helpful, just so you know who you’re talking to.

Me at BritMums

I met loooooads of bloggers but didn’t collect many cards –  mainly because Hannah, Rachel and Sonya are all super-popular social networking types so I recognised avatars or names of people without having met them, and probably freaked them out knowing random facts about them without them having ever met me before. Yep, that’ll be it. Or maybe I really am a weirdo…

So people I met – firstly there was Suzanne, aka chickenruby who I met at the Fox’s Biscuits stand. I’ve been following her for ages now but have been rubbish at leaving comments (as I generally am). I’m going to make a filter within my blog feeds for blogs I will make an effort with – and she was really lovely too.

Leanne joined us bloggers travelling up from Carshalton (and there were eight of us, though four don’t count as they stayed here, they were just temporarily local) which was nice, and she’s lovely too! We’re going to stay in touch and she’s only up the road so that won’t be too hard.

I met Jenny Paulin from Mummy Mishaps and of course the super-anonymous The Boy and Me who is lovely and didn’t tell me off for my Project 365 falling by the wayside as well as One Dad Three Girls who has commented on here on my 365 pictures. Phew. Jennifer from My Mummies Pennies was there, as was Carolin from Mummy Alarm – the first parenting blog I spotted when I realised there was actually a community out there (I’d been blogging about H for a good year by then too).

Lilinha from Lilina Angel’s World was with us a lot of the time, and it was lovely getting to know her too. When Rachel hurt her back we found ourselves sitting with Spencer who is excellent – and who we all tweeted ‘shirtless’ at intervals through the afternoon to persuade him not to say ‘witless’ instead of ‘shitless’ as he wasn’t allowed to swear – who was a proper gent and got Rachel a nice bag too.

I met Paul Gaywood Hooker, someone I’ve had loads of online chats about YouTube with, so it was nice to chat to him about it as he knows his stuff, and got to meet the fabulous Fiona from Coombe Mill too, so I’m planning on having a holiday there as soon as I can.

Then there was catching up with bloggers I know – so that’s Sophie, Clare, Sharon, Joanne, Jacqui and too many others to mention.

The biggest mentions of all go to all my buddies who travelled with me, especially the four who stayed here – I had the BEST time spending it with all of you, even if I did get no sleep worrying you’d all sleep okay (I’m weird like that). So that’ll be…


I realised what my biggest problem is with BritMums – it’s so big and unless you remember that (insert name here) is (insert twitter name here) and writes on (insert website here) then you’re not going to know who they are. I am also the master of this confusion and know I need to sort out my Twitter life – having two accounts is making less sense to me these days – I am JUST AS BAD. I know there are loads of people I missed out on seeing and hopefully our paths will cross again. This isn’t BritMums fault, it’s those of us who have multiple personalities online making lives confusing for others. Especially ones like me who use two different names on Facebook – idiots like me. Oh and let’s not go into multiple Google personas, please, let’s not. Sigh.

I only realised this afternoon the Social Networking talk would cover Google+ (duh), and was sad I missed the YouTube talk as that would have been interesting work-wise. I’m hoping there’ll be transcripts and notes up and there’ll be things to learn. I’ve made notes from the few sessions I made and already Mum Friendly has had a few changes, with more to come.

Now I’m pondering about 2014… it’s only a year away… hmm. Early Bird tickets are up now, but 1. The house insurance needs paying 2. car tax is due 3. our National Trust membership needs paying 4. H’s party needs booking 5. we’re going to buy a new car (not so big an issue as we have the money ready, it’s just another spend) 6. H needs school uniform buying so it’s not a priority right now…

I bought a ticket for 2014 🙂

6 thoughts on “Hey, I Went To BritMums Live!

  1. Sonya Cisco says:

    I had a fabulous time, and will definitely go next year- but my ticket will have to wait a week or two!! Thank you SO much for your hospitality! xxx
    Sonya Cisco recently posted…What I learnt at BritMums Live…My Profile

  2. You’re so right about spotting who’s who – I STILL managed to miss peeps I was desperate to meet – great write up and glad you had so much fun x
    Alison Rothwell recently posted…Alison Rothwell – My BritMums Hello!My Profile

  3. northernmum

    The tickets will be on sale for a while!

    Fab write up, lots of good points.

    See you next year.
    northernmum recently posted…Happy Birthday BB (Postcards from Portugal)My Profile

  4. Emma

    I hear you on the multiiple personas – also working on uniting my selves!
    Emma recently posted…10 Decisions Inspired from BritMums LiveMy Profile

  5. Amanda

    It’s tough, isn’t it, trying to meet people and make the connection of who they are with their blog or twitter name… especially when you have to bend down and stare at their chest to see their name badge 😉

    Glad yo had a good time!

  6. suzanne

    It was lovely to tweet you too, yes a little spooky to realise that people know me through my blog but I have no idea who they are, guess I’ll be fine as long as I only ever meet in public places

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